4 must-have skills for the new age survival.

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Imagine you not being able to exercise your ability and not being able to action your purpose.
The feeling is “Then, what do you live for?” that’s the essence of skills in our lives. Skill is the factor that gives essence to our living. It keeps us on the path of purpose.

As we grow, we tap through the flow, during the process; we find that some skills are general and must-have for survival, some to define who we are as individual and others we acquire to have a higher leap than the level of generality.

We acquire or learn skills consciously and sometimes unconsciously. Our own reaction to our environment determines where we are positioned in a world of survival of the fittest. It takes skills to attain success because success takes actions and taking good and appropriate actions takes skills.

Life experiences teach a lot skills than those taught in the four walls of class room. Every day we are faced with specific task that require skills even though only few of these skills are taught in schools. Most of these skills we learn from the ups and downs of life.

The must-have skills translate across all discipline and regardless of position or state; they are the measure by which we value success.

Here, I will only be discussing the skills that translate across disciplines, the ones that can be learned by anyone in any position. These include:

1.      Communication and interpersonal skills
2.      Adaptability / Digital literacy skills
3.      Analytical and problem solving skills
4.      Management / Decision making skills

Communication and interpersonal skills:  Communication skill encompasses so many other skills, the likes of interpersonal skills, verbal language skills, writing skills to presentation skills and even listening skills.

Communication has been defined as the act of conveying thought from one entity to another, through the use of mutually understood signs and semantics. It is also defined as a well prepared (composed), good and effective transmission of encoded message reception for decoding. Communication has to do with the sender, medium and the receiver. These three factors define its mode.

Communication gets you a job and keeps it. Communication is involved in writing your resume; in passing your interview; in interacting with clients and customers for example, salesmanship.
In every aspect of our being, communication plays the pillar role. Communication skill is innate but can be advanced with learning and practice. I don’t think there would be life without communication. Even the planets communicate with each other. Plants too just like human, do communicate with themselves and their environment. The modes may be different though, but it all equate to communicating.

Let’s take for example in the hospital when a new child is given birth to, the first thing everyone in the labor room expects is a cry of life from the new born. That’s communication. When this doesn’t happen, everyone in the room especially the mother would be filled with awe. What does the delivering nurse do next?  Smacks the buttock of the newly born, telling the child to give a sound of life.

Adaptability and Digital Literacy Skills: we are all subject to constant change. In the words of Charles Darwin “ “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change,” by Charles Darwin.”  Willingness to learn, constant improve and enrich your mind are the key factors to our survival.

Adopt unexpected circumstances, keep up with trends, desire to grow, and adopt growth.

Management / Decision making skill: actions- taking a good and appropriate action takes a good skills. Success depends on effective action which in turn depends on the ability to focus your attention where it is needed most.

Strong organisational skills, effective productivity habits, strong sense of discipline are needed to keep yourself on track.





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