Why purpose come first in making passion a profession to attain career success

“Follow your passion”, “Make your passion your profession and you will never have to work a day in your life” these are few of such quotes you must have come across; they are oft repeated, and like any oft repeated lie, people come to believe it (this is not to say it is a lie though). But are these words the reality of life? Have you ever have to ask yourself what role passion play in career success?
When you ask little children what they love to do, you would probably get answers like “to play games”, “to visit the amusement park” and so on. Then ask them about what their future ambition(s) is(are). You would notice a parallel between their passion (what they love to do) and what their dream is (what they love to be).
Few years later, or maybe a change in their environment, ask same children what they enjoy doing (in their new location with new friends), you would probably get a different answer from the previous answers—interests are diverse and changes with time.
Most times our belief contradicts reality and the disparity between our innate gifts and what we love to do may not really cater for our livelihood; innate gifts play on the role of purpose while passion Is just that which drive our enthusiasm.
I believe in the connection and in linking passion with profession but the responsibility that comes with life like paying bills and the desire to be an inspiration to others would lead one to pursue career success. The feeling of selflessness made me abandon passion for a career success which later turns fun.
First I will talk about pursuing your passion. In this economy, it Is hard to stay true to your passion. People don’t pay you for doing what you love; they pay for the services you render. Balancing both may be a bit difficult as passion is self-centered.
Yours sincerely is an example. Growing up, I loved anything associated with speed. To be specific, my second love after food were jet plane toys. All I dreamt of was to become a fighter jet pilot, but that require an investment my parents weren’t capable of. They manipulated my thoughts to go for medicine being one of the top students in my school. Medical profession is the only profession they thought would fetch me an ideal job for my brains. Jobs are readily available in the health sector especially in a developing country like mine where unemployment is one of the plaques affecting the country.
No parent would love to see their ward unemployed after investing enormously in his/her education. But as fate would have it, I wasn’t admitted  to study medicine. Rather I got an offer to study engineering at one of the best university in the country which I declined because I had chosen a new passion: medicine.
After trying for two more years without an offer, I gave in to study botany not as alternative but to get me busy while I keep trying to sure placement for medicine and surgery. In my first year, my school awarded me a scholarship meant for students with the highest CGPA in their respective departments. I couldn’t believe it myself because I was never interest in botany, I never even took as an alternative nor did I even read towards acing. The reason I studied for its exams was just to give a value to my tuition fee, no one would want to fail right? Yes, I don’t want to fail too but I never prepared so hard to have deserved the scholarship. I was happy because I knew my parents, especially my father who brags, would be very proud of me; would have another point to prove that I am not a failure. With no interest still, I graduated as the third best.
The funny thing about my passion for medicine is my hate for blood. Similarly, I hate injection, I dislike the odour of hospitals yet I chose a passion in the environment. In fact I am allergic to  many drugs, I don’t take them except when forced to.
Pursuing your passion may not necessary be that you are doing the right thing; it may just interest you for a short moment. Staying true to your passion require lots of other factor. When passion doesn’t pay the necessary bill, passion burns out.
So you don’t have to wait for what motivates and interests you. Work towards it, be self motivated and find your interest in providing solution to the world’s problems.
Today Bill Gate can decide to quit Microsoft so also Larry Page of Google and the young Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook.  Because they have succeeded in making the whole world their source of passion by realizing their purpose. Steve Jobs skip  his tech classes for calligraphy, just because then tech class does not really interest him. but during the later days, when he found purpose in tech, what did he do? Bring in his passion Calligraphy and help him make impact. Remember passion came into play after discovering purpose. Passion needs a purpose to be well utilized.
Many successful individuals, who are dropouts, would tell you they left school to pursue their passion but read deep into their biography you would find that when they realized their purpose, they never dropped out. Mark of Facebook did not drop out until he found prospect in what he had built, he only took advantage of the opportunity. Success is where preparation and opportunity (which is timely) meet. Malcolm Gladwell pointed this out in his book Outliers.
In the pursuit of purpose, you could create a passion plan—Purpose should be the core and passion as support. Purpose is not just about giving to any job, determine where to look, search for those that piqué your interest and whose description is fun and whose functions you would enjoy. You might even need additional training to do this job well. Find where purpose and passion intersect to present sustainable and effective path to meaning and satisfaction. Make your purpose sustain your passion. You can structure your time so it accommodates your passion, but do identify what the patterns and themes of your life have prepared you to do.




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