Make Your Free App With No Coding

App making is all about curiosity and your flair for solving problems. App making depends on the type of app you want to build; the problem you want to solve or the service you want to give. You can also generate revenue building app.

One site I use very well in making free app requiring no programming is This is a tool where you don’t to do any coding whatsoever  and market the apps.

 What is Appmakr

Appmakr is a platform that allows you to build your own app without a single line of code. Appmakr can be used for groups, small businesses, restaurants, its design for marketer who have no coding experience, to non-profits, teams, it helps people to stay connected and informed.

Sign Up to Appmakr

So, I am going to be taking through an illustrative steps to building your app. Open a new tab on your browser and go straight to and sign up with your email. I will say preferably Gmail, you could also sign up with your social media sites like Facebook, twitter or yahoo. After signing up confirm your mail and login to your dashboard.

Acquainting with the Appmakr Machine

From the top right of your dashboard, you would see ‘create a new app’ button to start creating your app from scratch. There your see a lady named Jane who I going to be guide you along the way as you go trough the machine and make your app. Listen to her when you need to, if you don’t just move ahead.

Create a title for your App

Crate a title for your app by filling a name at the top of the form. Have in mind that when you create a title for your app, that title I going to show up in the app store and beneath the app icon on the actual device on which people download it. So put a value to the name e.g. My Test App. Then fill in your name and email address.

Select your app type

There is an optional field asking “what type of app would you like to create?”, from the drop down menu you can just select small business or any option that suits what you are trying to create to fit your purpose.

Let say restaurant for example, after clicking that you would see some recommended features and tools which are commonly use for restaurant apps. Just make sure you select the right category.

So since we are going to be doing for small business, select small business in the drop down menu and click “next step” below the page.

Now you should be on the actual machine which is a two step process. So let’s start with the aesthetic of the app. Jut at the down left corner of the page, you would see an icon of images ,  title text and background colors.


Go ahead to Click on the background image icon, you would see few options from which you can select your app back ground image, there is image library contain thousands of images from which you can select from, mot are free but their some premium ones too with a one-time payment of $1.99. You can also upload your own image. So elect or upload a background image.

After uploading or selecting the image you want to use for your app background, click apply by the top right end of your screen. You can edit the image with the photo editing feature you can see atop the screen and click the save button.


So adding a splash require same process as above only that you just click in the section of splash image. The splash screen is the screen that is going to seen when people download your app and are opening it for the first time. When it’s loading, that’s when it’s going to show.


To change your title or set a header image, click on the icon ‘A’ in the blue circle. After clicking, a app header section will show up, and you have a few options of either ‘no header’ at all leaving the page blank; an image header to which you can upload or import an image or just a text title to which you can set the font and color of your title.

So, let’s say you went for a header image, after selecting the image you want to use, you just apply and save.

The last of this stage is the last icon having a brush. Here is where you an edit the colors of your text and backgrounds. With a heading of ICONS, you can change your text and menu color and adjust the icon scale and the menu opacity.

Anytime you need help to any of the feature, there is always a ‘?’ in blue circle at the top right corner of the page to which to can click to get help. It will show a step by step video to guide to accomplish what ever you want to accomplish.

When done with editing the texts and background colors, jut click on the cancel ‘x’ to get back to the step 1 common functions menu.


From the common features menu, you can drag and drop any feature you want to add to your app. Lets say you wanted a website link to your app, jut drag the ‘websites’ on the features menu and drop it on your app screen. A field will appear on the right side of your machine screen. 

There you can fill the title for your app website icon, the link title, the link URL and mark the box that says “Launch in a new window?”, and then save. You might want to change the website icon, jut click on the icon beside your website title field, there is an icon library that is available for you, and selects any one, upload or imports any other you already have for use. Save and move on to any other tools.

Now, let’s drag and drop the ‘my blog’ icon onto our app. Give it a title, you might also change the icon image and fill in the RSS feed link and save. There are many other features you could add to you app, like the social feeds (e.g. Facebook, twitter, Tumblr); News and blogs; photos and videos; contacts; location; events; documents and custom content (HTML 5, Form, Docs) etc.

Let’s select docs under the document and custom content drop-down list. Drag and drop it on you app, by your right, there your see a button to ADD/EDIT FILES. Click to add a file, give it a title and description and browse your computer to upload the file, hit on the save and close button bellow the screen. Then you save to your app.

You can also add a live chat to your app, drag and drop it on your app screen and edit the ‘message to your user. Let’s say “Hi! Chat with me right now” and click on the save button.

In case, you had like to change or delete any of the features you already added to your app, just click on the feature, a delete button will appear below your app screen and drag the feature to it to delete.

You can continue to add a many feature as you want, most of which are really sort of plugin model, so it’s really to add them. So lets move to step two now. Just click on ‘step 2’ at the top left of your page.

Add details to your app

Step 2 is where you add all the details of your app, like:
Your app title, which is the name that appear in the app markets, and on your device menu under the icon.(this you already set to ‘My Test app’ remember?)

Your App’ web address (URL), this you can customize if you want to, it just has to be unique to your app. Hit the save and next button.

A web domain page will show up. Here, you choose the domains that you would like for the mobile version of your app. These are the different industries in application and groups you can use your app for, choose a category for your app and then click on the ‘save and next’ button.

Choose an Icon for your App

The next is a page where you can choose and change your app icon. There are options of either choosing from a free image library or uploading your own unique icon. After choosing, click on the save and next button.

Add description 

The next is the app description, this is the description that will be visible in the app market (Android and Apple). The description have three categories, the brief description with not more than 100 character, the medium with >100<= 500 characters and the full description with >300<=1000 characters which is required for Google and Apple.

Then click on the save button to the additional info page if you want to add any info. Remember in many apps, there is usually a ‘more info’ link in the app. This might be basic information about the group or whatever application you are using this for.

Add tags

Move to the “APP TAGS” page by clicking on the save and next button. Tags help describe your app; you can add a many tags a you want. Let the tag relate to the functions of your app or your business or purpose. Let’ say, consulting, digital, business etc., remember, the tags should be a least of three. 

Select market category

Then move to the next page, which is the market category. Select a category that your app will be listed under in the Appmakr app market, a well a any of paid markets like the android store and apple store you publish your app to.

So, lets choose the blogs/images category. The next page will lead you to the contact information which you have already inputted. Just click the next button to take you to the DEMOGRAPHICS which is the information on the location of your likely users. There you see the drop-down box for region, Country, State, Postal and Gender box. All you have to do is select the necessaries and may leave the gender box. Then click next to go to the CUSTOM AD CODE page.

Monetize your app

This is where you could monetize your app by displaying ads on your app so you could drive revenue to your business. Enter your AdMob account or custom javascript and save.

Secure your app

The next page you see is where you can hide/password protect your app. This is mainly used if you want to restrict who has access to your app by hiding it from the market listing and requiring password to run it.  This is great for groups that don’t want the app to be available to the entire public. Save and move to the next page.

Publish your app

Yes, now you are done and your app I ready to be published. Just save and publish your app. You would see a page to double check your app and info to make sure you are happy with your app before publishing it to the market. You may go back to edit your app, but if you are happy with what you’ve got then just click on the “ready next step” button.

Appmakr subscriptions packages

The button will take you to the subscription page, there are four subscription packages which are: Mobile website (free, will publish your app as html file), App basics (your app will be published in the appmakr market and as HTML, the fee is $1/month), Markets (your app will be published in all app markets including apple app store, android app store at a fee of $108/year) and the Unlimited re-seller package (when you build apps for your clients and want to sell at your own price, this package goes for $30/month).

Choose your preferred package and click next step which will take you to the AD-ONs. Here you can add some service or features like securing your app from malware, from pornography or/and monetize your app. Elect or leave and click on the next step button.

Your app is ready

Now your app is fully ready to be published, read through the page and tick the necessary box  and click on publish my app now.

Hurray! You just published your app live to the web. To test your app just click your app link showing your app custom URL.

You can check through options below the page to market and promote your app.

Here, you select a category that is to be use in the app market place as well as the paid marketer you published to. Appmakr has their own market place where all of these apps live which is where your app will live as well. If you want to publish to the apple tore and android store, these are the fees category.





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