E-COMMERCE: How to Leverage as a Mini Importer


It broke my heart that KONGA, the second biggest online market in Nigeria is currently on the verge of collapsing in business and they are desperately in need of a buyer in order to sell off the company and go completely out of business!

And as if that was not heartbreaking enough, OLX, one of the pioneer and front runner company in the e-commerce business in Africa is Shutting down its office in Nigeria with immediate effect!

This got me to the bones. My heart bled.

And to cap it all of, EFRITIN , the fastest growing e-commerce company in Nigeria has officially collapsed and in the process of a round table discussion with investors who are desperately in need of a lifeline to recoup their money.

In the process of these sad events, Over Thirteen thousand(13,000) direct workers have lost their jobs and in dire need of a thread to hang onto.

These over 13,000 workers will automatically join the already flooded Nigerian Labour market which already has over 11.3million jobless and under - employed individuals scratching through the barrels to get a job.

 That's not the end of this nightmare still.

With this, again, shareholders, investors and relevant stakeholders in these failed companies must be licking their wounds right now, and maybe regretting and blaming themselves for ever investing in their money in these said companies in the first place.

You know what that means for fellow entrepreneurs entrepreneurs still in the industry? It will create a ripple effect in the system. 

Investors will become even more afraid and extremely cautious of how they tend to put in their money into raising start up businesses.

There will be great panic in the venture capital industry, which will do more harm than good in the long run when it comes to finding capitalists to invest in your start up ventures.

In as much it looks all gloom and unfortunate for everyone concerned but the truth is - there are lessons to be learnt from this very unfortunate occurrences.  There are always lessons to learn when unfortunate situations occur.

You see, Dear entrepreneur, business is all about SALES and PROFIT MARGIN, and Profit and Sales is a game, a game of NUMBER.

Forget about the 10milllion naira being put into Adverts on TV and radio.

Forget about the 5million naira being used to rent a paparazzi office in Lekki.

Don't put much emphasis on employing an Harvard business school graduate to come become the operational manager of your company.

Don't get too much satisfaction in being able to raise 10million dollars from investors to scale your business. It's good but that's not enough.

You know what you should care about?

Care more about SALES

Worry more about PROFIT

Forget the Fame, check the figures.

Because at the end of the day, that's what really matters.

Whether we don't know or not.....

Olx has folded up....

Konga has been sold to another company

Jumia is managing to thrive....

Am going to be explaining why?

But the lesson is that this is the time for small importers to rise up and take-up the market

Why big e-commerce companies in Nigeria are folding up.......

The reasons those businesses are folding up is because of the emergence of personal online stores and websites. 
Those companies if you understand how they work almost everything they sell is not owned by them, they have a price agreement from their suppliers then add their own profit on it before placing it on their websites. So from the profit they make they pay staff salaries, cost of ware housing and other over head running cost. What they have are two things a storage warehouse and an online marketing platform/website used for marketing products.

With the emergence of massive digital individual trainings and cheap website, those customers do not take their products to those companies any more they sell directly online themselves and supply the customers themselves building a one on one relationship directly branding themselves and their business. This is what caused the problem and nothing else. 
What those failing companies would have done is to establish a very strategic and functional purchasing department locally and internationally, that can search and enter into agreement with companies of products they sell at affordable prices so that they remain in business making good marginal profits using their already branded business name.



4 must-have skills for the new age survival.

Plant, Leaves, Green, Resistance
Imagine you not being able to exercise your ability and not being able to action your purpose.
The feeling is “Then, what do you live for?” that’s the essence of skills in our lives. Skill is the factor that gives essence to our living. It keeps us on the path of purpose.

As we grow, we tap through the flow, during the process; we find that some skills are general and must-have for survival, some to define who we are as individual and others we acquire to have a higher leap than the level of generality.

We acquire or learn skills consciously and sometimes unconsciously. Our own reaction to our environment determines where we are positioned in a world of survival of the fittest. It takes skills to attain success because success takes actions and taking good and appropriate actions takes skills.

Life experiences teach a lot skills than those taught in the four walls of class room. Every day we are faced with specific task that require skills even though only few of these skills are taught in schools. Most of these skills we learn from the ups and downs of life.

The must-have skills translate across all discipline and regardless of position or state; they are the measure by which we value success.

Here, I will only be discussing the skills that translate across disciplines, the ones that can be learned by anyone in any position. These include:

1.      Communication and interpersonal skills
2.      Adaptability / Digital literacy skills
3.      Analytical and problem solving skills
4.      Management / Decision making skills

Communication and interpersonal skills:  Communication skill encompasses so many other skills, the likes of interpersonal skills, verbal language skills, writing skills to presentation skills and even listening skills.

Communication has been defined as the act of conveying thought from one entity to another, through the use of mutually understood signs and semantics. It is also defined as a well prepared (composed), good and effective transmission of encoded message reception for decoding. Communication has to do with the sender, medium and the receiver. These three factors define its mode.

Communication gets you a job and keeps it. Communication is involved in writing your resume; in passing your interview; in interacting with clients and customers for example, salesmanship.
In every aspect of our being, communication plays the pillar role. Communication skill is innate but can be advanced with learning and practice. I don’t think there would be life without communication. Even the planets communicate with each other. Plants too just like human, do communicate with themselves and their environment. The modes may be different though, but it all equate to communicating.

Let’s take for example in the hospital when a new child is given birth to, the first thing everyone in the labor room expects is a cry of life from the new born. That’s communication. When this doesn’t happen, everyone in the room especially the mother would be filled with awe. What does the delivering nurse do next?  Smacks the buttock of the newly born, telling the child to give a sound of life.

Adaptability and Digital Literacy Skills: we are all subject to constant change. In the words of Charles Darwin “ “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change,” by Charles Darwin.”  Willingness to learn, constant improve and enrich your mind are the key factors to our survival.

Adopt unexpected circumstances, keep up with trends, desire to grow, and adopt growth.

Management / Decision making skill: actions- taking a good and appropriate action takes a good skills. Success depends on effective action which in turn depends on the ability to focus your attention where it is needed most.

Strong organisational skills, effective productivity habits, strong sense of discipline are needed to keep yourself on track.


What Boxing Thought Me About Failure And Success.

I'm not a fan of Boxing, cause it amaze me how people punch each other to earn a living.  Well! may be that's because I enjoyed more tender hands of my parents. But a couple of times, from an unconscious interest,  I have watched Muhammed Ali's fights in which he won both, defeating his opponents not just by words but also by the power of not clinching to the ground after every fall.

He won not because he was not beaten neither is he untouched. Infact, he fell more often than the opponent. Sometimes, I feel the heftiness his opponent blows on his face. It looks as if he his loosing focus and at times fell. 

I could feel the pains from His fans among the audience who were pained by his fall,  I could hear the commentator sprouting words and the referee counting down ten.

With all these communication disturbance,  it is as if there was an echo saying to him "now is not the right time for you to fall" and Alas! Defying every negative factor he rose,  rose to look more fit,  bypassing the gravitation of those blows, standing fit on his feet and extending his hands once more, ready to give it another try. Then I remember Nopleon Hill's words "No one ever is defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality."

Failure is not about the number of falls but in giving in to not rising – not trying again. The time may be hard and every thing may seem tearing apart.  You may have given several tries and failure may be the winter breeze, cloaking you down to a thought of depression. My friend don't give up. Many now successful people failed more than you. Infact, they still do,  even more often than you. But were not tag failure anymore, now we say they are successful because of their refusal to quit. "One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat." Said Hill.
Do, but never stopped giving a try.  Better oops!  Than if.  Know that every trial is an experience,  an experience to give another try in a better way. "No man ever achieved worthwhile success who did not, at one time or other, find himself with at least one foot hanging well over the brink of failure."

Most of the successful people you know, today tell sweet stories of their better past. Asked them or read about them,  you would find out that they took more risk and not just more but the huge ones.They faced obstacles and stił are,  fell and rose. They don't just wait for opportunity but visited it with hard work – they were prepared. After trying several paths, they finally discovered that of success.

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up." #Thomas A Edison Just be sure with persistent striving for success you shall one day tell your story too with a smile.

You may have come a quote by Thomas A Edison "I have not failed. I've just found 10000 ways that won't work." What an experience!
You are strong,  stronger than you know or may you know but ignore the fact that you do. You outran million sperms to get to your mothers egg,  you survived the hardship of 9months in her womb, some even more. You've survived several harsh winters and hot summers.  Then why give up now. "Hang in there,  my Dear. This,  too,  shall pass." That was one of the best facebook post I have ever read on a friend's post. It's not that I have never heard similar words but it just came when I almost gave up.
You were born the hard way, had to face the hard way so you would be strong. So my friend, like Ali, rise! stand back on your feet,  be focus, be stronger and ones again stretch those hands. just know the bulls reverse is not often as a result of defeat nor fear but to pump moment of striking to win.  Gather all experience and give it the right try.

Quotes of motivation....
Henry Ford "Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals."
"Failure is simply an opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently."

Why purpose come first in making passion a profession to attain career success

“Follow your passion”, “Make your passion your profession and you will never have to work a day in your life” these are few of such quotes you must have come across; they are oft repeated, and like any oft repeated lie, people come to believe it (this is not to say it is a lie though). But are these words the reality of life? Have you ever have to ask yourself what role passion play in career success?
When you ask little children what they love to do, you would probably get answers like “to play games”, “to visit the amusement park” and so on. Then ask them about what their future ambition(s) is(are). You would notice a parallel between their passion (what they love to do) and what their dream is (what they love to be).
Few years later, or maybe a change in their environment, ask same children what they enjoy doing (in their new location with new friends), you would probably get a different answer from the previous answers—interests are diverse and changes with time.
Most times our belief contradicts reality and the disparity between our innate gifts and what we love to do may not really cater for our livelihood; innate gifts play on the role of purpose while passion Is just that which drive our enthusiasm.
I believe in the connection and in linking passion with profession but the responsibility that comes with life like paying bills and the desire to be an inspiration to others would lead one to pursue career success. The feeling of selflessness made me abandon passion for a career success which later turns fun.
First I will talk about pursuing your passion. In this economy, it Is hard to stay true to your passion. People don’t pay you for doing what you love; they pay for the services you render. Balancing both may be a bit difficult as passion is self-centered.
Yours sincerely is an example. Growing up, I loved anything associated with speed. To be specific, my second love after food were jet plane toys. All I dreamt of was to become a fighter jet pilot, but that require an investment my parents weren’t capable of. They manipulated my thoughts to go for medicine being one of the top students in my school. Medical profession is the only profession they thought would fetch me an ideal job for my brains. Jobs are readily available in the health sector especially in a developing country like mine where unemployment is one of the plaques affecting the country.
No parent would love to see their ward unemployed after investing enormously in his/her education. But as fate would have it, I wasn’t admitted  to study medicine. Rather I got an offer to study engineering at one of the best university in the country which I declined because I had chosen a new passion: medicine.
After trying for two more years without an offer, I gave in to study botany not as alternative but to get me busy while I keep trying to sure placement for medicine and surgery. In my first year, my school awarded me a scholarship meant for students with the highest CGPA in their respective departments. I couldn’t believe it myself because I was never interest in botany, I never even took as an alternative nor did I even read towards acing. The reason I studied for its exams was just to give a value to my tuition fee, no one would want to fail right? Yes, I don’t want to fail too but I never prepared so hard to have deserved the scholarship. I was happy because I knew my parents, especially my father who brags, would be very proud of me; would have another point to prove that I am not a failure. With no interest still, I graduated as the third best.
The funny thing about my passion for medicine is my hate for blood. Similarly, I hate injection, I dislike the odour of hospitals yet I chose a passion in the environment. In fact I am allergic to  many drugs, I don’t take them except when forced to.
Pursuing your passion may not necessary be that you are doing the right thing; it may just interest you for a short moment. Staying true to your passion require lots of other factor. When passion doesn’t pay the necessary bill, passion burns out.
So you don’t have to wait for what motivates and interests you. Work towards it, be self motivated and find your interest in providing solution to the world’s problems.
Today Bill Gate can decide to quit Microsoft so also Larry Page of Google and the young Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook.  Because they have succeeded in making the whole world their source of passion by realizing their purpose. Steve Jobs skip  his tech classes for calligraphy, just because then tech class does not really interest him. but during the later days, when he found purpose in tech, what did he do? Bring in his passion Calligraphy and help him make impact. Remember passion came into play after discovering purpose. Passion needs a purpose to be well utilized.
Many successful individuals, who are dropouts, would tell you they left school to pursue their passion but read deep into their biography you would find that when they realized their purpose, they never dropped out. Mark of Facebook did not drop out until he found prospect in what he had built, he only took advantage of the opportunity. Success is where preparation and opportunity (which is timely) meet. Malcolm Gladwell pointed this out in his book Outliers.
In the pursuit of purpose, you could create a passion plan—Purpose should be the core and passion as support. Purpose is not just about giving to any job, determine where to look, search for those that piqué your interest and whose description is fun and whose functions you would enjoy. You might even need additional training to do this job well. Find where purpose and passion intersect to present sustainable and effective path to meaning and satisfaction. Make your purpose sustain your passion. You can structure your time so it accommodates your passion, but do identify what the patterns and themes of your life have prepared you to do.

Make Your Free App With No Coding

App making is all about curiosity and your flair for solving problems. App making depends on the type of app you want to build; the problem you want to solve or the service you want to give. You can also generate revenue building app.

One site I use very well in making free app requiring no programming is Appmakr.com: This is a tool where you don’t to do any coding whatsoever  and market the apps.

 What is Appmakr

Appmakr is a platform that allows you to build your own app without a single line of code. Appmakr can be used for groups, small businesses, restaurants, its design for marketer who have no coding experience, to non-profits, teams, it helps people to stay connected and informed.

Sign Up to Appmakr

So, I am going to be taking through an illustrative steps to building your app. Open a new tab on your browser and go straight to www.appmakr.com and sign up with your email. I will say preferably Gmail, you could also sign up with your social media sites like Facebook, twitter or yahoo. After signing up confirm your mail and login to your dashboard.

Acquainting with the Appmakr Machine

From the top right of your dashboard, you would see ‘create a new app’ button to start creating your app from scratch. There your see a lady named Jane who I going to be guide you along the way as you go trough the machine and make your app. Listen to her when you need to, if you don’t just move ahead.

Create a title for your App

Crate a title for your app by filling a name at the top of the form. Have in mind that when you create a title for your app, that title I going to show up in the app store and beneath the app icon on the actual device on which people download it. So put a value to the name e.g. My Test App. Then fill in your name and email address.

Select your app type

There is an optional field asking “what type of app would you like to create?”, from the drop down menu you can just select small business or any option that suits what you are trying to create to fit your purpose.

Let say restaurant for example, after clicking that you would see some recommended features and tools which are commonly use for restaurant apps. Just make sure you select the right category.

So since we are going to be doing for small business, select small business in the drop down menu and click “next step” below the page.

Now you should be on the actual machine which is a two step process. So let’s start with the aesthetic of the app. Jut at the down left corner of the page, you would see an icon of images ,  title text and background colors.


Go ahead to Click on the background image icon, you would see few options from which you can select your app back ground image, there is image library contain thousands of images from which you can select from, mot are free but their some premium ones too with a one-time payment of $1.99. You can also upload your own image. So elect or upload a background image.

After uploading or selecting the image you want to use for your app background, click apply by the top right end of your screen. You can edit the image with the photo editing feature you can see atop the screen and click the save button.


So adding a splash require same process as above only that you just click in the section of splash image. The splash screen is the screen that is going to seen when people download your app and are opening it for the first time. When it’s loading, that’s when it’s going to show.


To change your title or set a header image, click on the icon ‘A’ in the blue circle. After clicking, a app header section will show up, and you have a few options of either ‘no header’ at all leaving the page blank; an image header to which you can upload or import an image or just a text title to which you can set the font and color of your title.

So, let’s say you went for a header image, after selecting the image you want to use, you just apply and save.

The last of this stage is the last icon having a brush. Here is where you an edit the colors of your text and backgrounds. With a heading of ICONS, you can change your text and menu color and adjust the icon scale and the menu opacity.

Anytime you need help to any of the feature, there is always a ‘?’ in blue circle at the top right corner of the page to which to can click to get help. It will show a step by step video to guide to accomplish what ever you want to accomplish.

When done with editing the texts and background colors, jut click on the cancel ‘x’ to get back to the step 1 common functions menu.


From the common features menu, you can drag and drop any feature you want to add to your app. Lets say you wanted a website link to your app, jut drag the ‘websites’ on the features menu and drop it on your app screen. A field will appear on the right side of your machine screen. 

There you can fill the title for your app website icon, the link title, the link URL and mark the box that says “Launch in a new window?”, and then save. You might want to change the website icon, jut click on the icon beside your website title field, there is an icon library that is available for you, and selects any one, upload or imports any other you already have for use. Save and move on to any other tools.

Now, let’s drag and drop the ‘my blog’ icon onto our app. Give it a title, you might also change the icon image and fill in the RSS feed link and save. There are many other features you could add to you app, like the social feeds (e.g. Facebook, twitter, Tumblr); News and blogs; photos and videos; contacts; location; events; documents and custom content (HTML 5, Form, Docs) etc.

Let’s select docs under the document and custom content drop-down list. Drag and drop it on you app, by your right, there your see a button to ADD/EDIT FILES. Click to add a file, give it a title and description and browse your computer to upload the file, hit on the save and close button bellow the screen. Then you save to your app.

You can also add a live chat to your app, drag and drop it on your app screen and edit the ‘message to your user. Let’s say “Hi! Chat with me right now” and click on the save button.

In case, you had like to change or delete any of the features you already added to your app, just click on the feature, a delete button will appear below your app screen and drag the feature to it to delete.

You can continue to add a many feature as you want, most of which are really sort of plugin model, so it’s really to add them. So lets move to step two now. Just click on ‘step 2’ at the top left of your page.

Add details to your app

Step 2 is where you add all the details of your app, like:
Your app title, which is the name that appear in the app markets, and on your device menu under the icon.(this you already set to ‘My Test app’ remember?)

Your App’ web address (URL), this you can customize if you want to, it just has to be unique to your app. Hit the save and next button.

A web domain page will show up. Here, you choose the domains that you would like for the mobile version of your app. These are the different industries in application and groups you can use your app for, choose a category for your app and then click on the ‘save and next’ button.

Choose an Icon for your App

The next is a page where you can choose and change your app icon. There are options of either choosing from a free image library or uploading your own unique icon. After choosing, click on the save and next button.

Add description 

The next is the app description, this is the description that will be visible in the app market (Android and Apple). The description have three categories, the brief description with not more than 100 character, the medium with >100<= 500 characters and the full description with >300<=1000 characters which is required for Google and Apple.

Then click on the save button to the additional info page if you want to add any info. Remember in many apps, there is usually a ‘more info’ link in the app. This might be basic information about the group or whatever application you are using this for.

Add tags

Move to the “APP TAGS” page by clicking on the save and next button. Tags help describe your app; you can add a many tags a you want. Let the tag relate to the functions of your app or your business or purpose. Let’ say, consulting, digital, business etc., remember, the tags should be a least of three. 

Select market category

Then move to the next page, which is the market category. Select a category that your app will be listed under in the Appmakr app market, a well a any of paid markets like the android store and apple store you publish your app to.

So, lets choose the blogs/images category. The next page will lead you to the contact information which you have already inputted. Just click the next button to take you to the DEMOGRAPHICS which is the information on the location of your likely users. There you see the drop-down box for region, Country, State, Postal and Gender box. All you have to do is select the necessaries and may leave the gender box. Then click next to go to the CUSTOM AD CODE page.

Monetize your app

This is where you could monetize your app by displaying ads on your app so you could drive revenue to your business. Enter your AdMob account or custom javascript and save.

Secure your app

The next page you see is where you can hide/password protect your app. This is mainly used if you want to restrict who has access to your app by hiding it from the market listing and requiring password to run it.  This is great for groups that don’t want the app to be available to the entire public. Save and move to the next page.

Publish your app

Yes, now you are done and your app I ready to be published. Just save and publish your app. You would see a page to double check your app and info to make sure you are happy with your app before publishing it to the market. You may go back to edit your app, but if you are happy with what you’ve got then just click on the “ready next step” button.

Appmakr subscriptions packages

The button will take you to the subscription page, there are four subscription packages which are: Mobile website (free, will publish your app as html file), App basics (your app will be published in the appmakr market and as HTML, the fee is $1/month), Markets (your app will be published in all app markets including apple app store, android app store at a fee of $108/year) and the Unlimited re-seller package (when you build apps for your clients and want to sell at your own price, this package goes for $30/month).

Choose your preferred package and click next step which will take you to the AD-ONs. Here you can add some service or features like securing your app from malware, from pornography or/and monetize your app. Elect or leave and click on the next step button.

Your app is ready

Now your app is fully ready to be published, read through the page and tick the necessary box  and click on publish my app now.

Hurray! You just published your app live to the web. To test your app just click your app link showing your app custom URL.

You can check through options below the page to market and promote your app.

Here, you select a category that is to be use in the app market place as well as the paid marketer you published to. Appmakr has their own market place where all of these apps live which is where your app will live as well. If you want to publish to the apple tore and android store, these are the fees category.



Are you tired of the yourname.BLOGSPOT.com and wanted to move to being professional without the BlogSpot in your blog’s domain name? Here are few to five simple, easy and illustrative steps to help you in setting your 1and1 registered domain name to your blogger hosted blog.

There a lot of reasons why you should point your BlogSpot domain to a custom domain and I am sure those reasons are why you are here. As Google blogger is not just a free host to help save you from monthly or yearly wages paid to hosting companies but also one of the most secured platforms to host your blog – providing you with tens of free templates; opportunity for earning through its AdSense. But you might have been finding it uneasy to set up your custom domain on your blogger hosted blog, especially when Google itself does not provide a detailed info on how to point BlogSpot to a custom domain for each domain registrar.

1and1 domain registrar has one of the cheapest domains for as low as $0.99, with a good customer support and easy to use dashboard. So, if you haven’t purchase your cheap domain yet, here is a link to test out the amazing bundle I am enjoying.

For those of you that have already purchased your domain from 1and1, but having difficulty pointing it to your blogger hosted blog, here is a tutorial for setting up your domain on blogger using 1&1.

In reality, it’s easier than you think, but only when you follow the right steps of which I would be giving you a personal experience on how I pointed my blogger blog to my custom domain registered with 1and1 domain registrar. After much research and trials, I have found these few steps I am going to be mentioning to be simply the easiest way of pointing your blogger hosted blog to a custom domain using 1and1 correctly.

These few easy and simply steps, I did used for the same blogger hosted blog you are currently reading this on. So trust me following them is just the correct/right solution to setting up your custom domain, but for in case you don’t want to mess around with this yourself, you can hire me to do it for you!
Login to your Blogger dashboard, go to Settings > Basic > Publishing> Blog Address. Click on setup a 3rd party URL for your blog.

Type in your new domain name www.yourdomain.com registered with 1and1, then click save.
A notification of an error would be displayed. Don’t panic as this gives you the details you need to properly set up your new domain so keep this page open for the next step. The first CNAME is the same for everyone. The second is a specific CNAME for your blog.

Open the Settings Instructions in a new tab to refer back to later. Here you can see the settings for a top-level or sub domain. For this tutorial, I’ll be using top-level domain – www.yourdormain.com.
step 2: Edit your dns settings ON 1&1
Login to your 1and1.com dashboard. On the control panel, by the right top side, locates “Domains” and click Domain Centre.

Then select the domain you want use for pointing your blog that’s if you have more than a domain registered under same account with 1and1. Click checkbox beside your domain and select Domain Settings > Edit DNS Settings.

Under Basic DNS Settings choose 1&1 name servers, under Advanced DNS Settings which display A/AAA and Cname Records, choose Other IP address and fill in in the IPv4 Address field enter and scroll down to save, leaving the IPv6 field empty.
step 3: create subdomains on 1and1
To create a “www subdomain, go back to your 1and1 Domain Overview Dashboard, click Add Domain > Create Subdomain. Enter the first Name/Host/Label field from Blogger, which is www.
Create another Subdomain. Enter the second Name/Host/Label field from Blogger under the www label, which is unique to you and will look like 00ab0cdefgh and save.

Now that you have created the www and the blog personal (00ab0cdefgh) subdomains, you would need to set DNS for these subdomains.
step 4: setting dns for the subdomains
Click on manage subdomains, select the www subdomain and edit DNS Settings. Go to A/AAA and CNAME records and select CNAME from the IP address (ARecord) option.

In the alias box, enter the first Destination/Target/Points To from Blogger in front of the www label, which is ghs.google.com, click on the check box and save.

For the second subdomain, follow same process you took for the first, but this time replacing ghs.google.com in the alias box with the second Destination/Target/Points To from Blogger, which is unique to you, under the ghs.google.com and looks like gv-a0aaaa0aaaaaa.dv.googlehosted.com. After copy pasting the destination to the alias box, click on the check box and save.

On your domain settings for your custom domain you should now see the URL you bought and two subdomains. All you need to do now is, wait for the settings to update. This could take a couple of hours.

step 5: re-enter your domain name ON BLOGGER

This is the final step, Go back onto Blogger > Settings > Basic> Publishing > Blog Address and enter your domain name and hit save. This time there shouldn’t be an error.

Now click edit link from the side of your domain, click the check box that says “redirect” and save. This help in redirecting all visits from yourdomain.com to www.yourdomain.com.

Hurray! You’ve just successfully pointed your custom domain to you blogger using 1and1 domain. Easy right? Yes, you’ve just moved your blog to being professional. Congratulations.

Why Your Business Needs a Website

As you would have noticed, people now stick to their phones, tablets, laptops or any other gadgets that help them connect to the internet. They set aside a potion of their income every month to recharge for data bundle, Infact, you would say children, youths and even grown ups: everyone are now getting addicted to the internet. These are all evident of the new era: Information era that we are in.

The main reason it's crucial for every business to have a website where they can reach their potential customers easily, because that's where so many of your potential customers are for so much of the time. A study shows that adults spend an average of 100 minutes (one hour forty minutes) daily consuming media.
This means that there are a whole lot of people that could be visiting and interacting with your business's website - if you had one.
So from this alone you could deduce that, not having a website for your business doesn't persuade you to develop an online presence for your business.

Internet is peoples bank of information

Almost everyone uses the internet to get information - even local information. Potential customers are using their Smartphones and tablets  to decide where to go and what to buy. Having a website tells your neighbor of what you do.

It makes you technological Luddite and your business legitimate

Having online visibility gives your customers the impression you mean business and the motivation to want to engage more with your business. It is  your professional destination that tell of your business legitimacy and that you are technologically Luddite.

Take advantage of the increasing e-commerce

E-commerce is increasing every year, and people are taking the advantage of this opportunity to climb up the ladder of billionaires (you must have heard of Jack Ma CEO Alibaba Group). In the U.S., e-commerce spending was $341.7 billion in 2015 and that's not exclusive to U. S. alone.  Building an online presence such as an e-commerce website can increase your offline store’s profits. 

Increase your business gains  

Not having a web site is missing out on opportunities for customers to identify who  you are and if they want to spend money with you.  keep your online presence strong and noteworthy by updating your website everyday. It should be professional, well polished, should function easily and offer customers easy navigation with professional quality content and an overall experience that keep customers enough to want to do business with you.

What are you waiting for?

Now get started, register a domain that matches your business name and build your website. Get your business flying in the air!


Guide To Writing A Marketable eBook

The Essentials of eBook writing Process.
Image result for E BOOKGetting back to your eBook writing, you will need to follow some important guidelines in order to come up with a product that will be enticing, informative, and affordable to your target audience. Here are tips to help you get into the swing of developing the idea for your eBook, following through with the creation of the eBook, and getting everything in order, so you can effectively create and leverage the product.
Guide 1. It is important to always start your writing at the beginning. When it comes to eBook writing or any other aspect of writing for that matter, there is really no other place to get started than the beginning. Assuming that you have performed due diligence and settled on the subject matter for your eBook, it is time to get into the writing aspect of the product. For the purposes of information leverage, I will focus on the creation of Information marketing eBooks.
The thing to remember about Informational eBooks is that they have one main purpose or function. That function is to educate. For example, if you plan on creating eBook on benefits of herbal supplement, then you will want to make sure the subject matter of the E-books is accurate, timely, and relevant to any perceived problems. This will mean doing a great deal of research before you begin to write the first word.
Image result for E BOOK
You will want to explore the origins of the use of herbs in various healing processes. Find out what you can about the effectiveness of herbal remedies at various times and places. Locate research into the claims made for various herbs regarding the treatment of bodily ailments, and provide solid information that will indeed serves as solution to the readers. In short, before you can hope to educate anyone else, you will need to spend some time educating yourself first.

Guide 2. Once you have amassed sufficient knowledge and documentation to write effectively on the subject matter, you will need to begin the process of organizing your data. 
Hopefully, your research will have provided you with plenty of information that can serve as the basis for your eBooks. Carefully divide your information into sub-categories, and organize the information in any
format that will make it easy for you to refer to.
Next, use the collected data as an outline of your eBook. This will help to lay the groundwork for your table of contents. The purpose of an outline is to help create a logical and cohesive flow to the information that is being presented in the document.
Just as with any type of book, you want the thought processes presented in the material to follow a sensible chain of presentation, with each section or chapter logically leading into the following section. Thinking through this process in advance, rather than arbitrarily creating a collection of disjointed sections, will mean a lot less editing work for you.
Keep in mind that the outline is a guide, not a sacred document that can never be changed. Treat it with respect, but do not revere the outline to the point that you refuse to change it in any way. Feel free to revise, improve, rewrite, and in general adapt the outline as you move forward with the project.
To keep the content fresh, make sure that even if you are presenting a point for the third time; keep the verbiage you use different from the other instances.This will help the flow of the document in two ways. First, it helps to reinforce key concepts when you present them in slightly different settings throughout the work.
Second, it provides the reader with the chance to evaluate the theme or concept in a different light each time that you bring up the point. If the first attempt to educate with the theme did not quite click with the reader, there is every chance that by the third attempt, a connection will have taken place.
Guide 3. When creating the text for the eBook it is important to apply a certain amount of self-discipline. Writing is work, and often happens to be hard work for that matter even for some of us who enjoys writing. If you are having a little trouble getting started, stop thinking about the five thousand words you are planning to write today.  Instead, focus on creating one good paragraph a day.
Once that is done, it will be a little easier to convince yourself to write just one more. In a short time, you will find that the entire page is filled and you just start getting some great ideas on how to expand on the subject matter for your eBook.
Once you have the first draft of the content for your E-book, set it aside for a day or two. This will allow you to refresh your mind and be able to go back and edit the draft with eyes that are fresh and capable of being balanced in the way you read the document. There is an excellent chance that you will find sections you want to rewrite slightly, or perhaps change a word here or there to make the section more cohesive or clear in its meaning.
By all means, feel free to do so. Just as the outline was not to be considered above reproach and change, your manuscript, though a work of art, is also subject to revision and improvement. Make one edit changes and put the manuscript away for another day or two. Then try a second round of edits.
You may find very little to correct the second time, which is a sound clue that you are almost through and just about ready to begin the formatting process. After the text for your eBook has gone through editing, the time has come to begin formatting the material from a manuscript into a workable eBook format.
Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent software packages that can take a basic word processing document and easily format it for use in an electronic book format. Most will allow you to set the page sizes, arrange major headings, create a Table of Contents, and then import the text of the manuscript into the program. Or you may use a simple formatting system.
You can also use the tools included with the software to create a cover, just as if you were publishing a hard copy of the eBook. In fact, that is the look and feel you want to set as your goal. The only difference between your electronic book and a real book should be that one is a collection of images on a screen, and the other is a tangible paper document.
Guide 4. Keep in mind that at the end of the process, you want to have a product that is high quality, and everything that you wanted it to be. If you are not proud of what you have created, it will make it much harder to interest anyone else that will purchase your eBook. Before you actually place the eBook for sale, you may want to provide one or two trusted individuals with an electronic copy, and get their feedback. 
You are looking for not only comments about the text. You also want to get their impressions about the organization of the material, the effectiveness of any images or charts you chose to include in the information, and the general look of the eBook.
This will give you one last chance to make some changes in the eBook and increase the chances that people who actually buy the book will enjoy it and recommend it to their friends and acquaintances.

Other Techniques for Creating Informational eBooks

When it comes to eBook development there are some truly ground breaking techniques you may use to hasten up your informational eBooks writing. It’s been more than four years since I first decided to package the training system we were using then into eBook. At that time, my biggest concern was that it would take too much time and effort to package all the information I taught into eBook I could sell. Fortunately, the amount of effort was much less than I anticipated and that was before I knew what I know today. 
So, how do you develop Informational materials in a matter of hours? My first eBook (GSM Business in Nigerria) took me six days to write, a 44 pages eBook. Since then I’ve been able put together many courses, reports, e-books, books, audio and video products and most have taken less than one week, thank to this techniques.

Five Techniques You Can Use to Generate Information Product Faster.

1. Keep it Simple Ask yourself this question; if you discover what you really want in 20 pages isn’t that better than reading through 200 pages of fluff and junk? Some of the most successful, highest priced information product have been short special reports e-books that are crystal clear and straight to the point about the problem they solve and the system they use to solve it.
2. Use Public Domain Materials  While the use of public domain materials has been over blown in the last years, there is no doubt that public domain materials can provide excellent additions to your information products.
There are countless of eBooks on any subject you can think about which you could download, most of them even come with resell right. While some as giveaways. Giveaways are in some case a strong product in themselves. Remember, there is no permanent substitute to writing your own copyrighted eBooks.
3. Dictate Your eBook  Are you a natural talker? Many of us do express ourselves more naturally, effectively and quickly by talking to another person. If you are struggling with your information product and you feel it’s due to the lack of writing ability, then try talking it out. Have someone interview you. 
Or simply answer a series of question you have prepared on the topic, you can either pay someone to transcribe the material or dictate into a text to voice conversion software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking. Key to successfully speaking your product is solid preparation in terms of having questions prepared as part of your info product out line.
4. Outsource Your Information Product Writing – Another popular direction today is to use ghost-writers. You can entirely outsource the development of you information products, outsource small part or simply outsource the whole work or the editing functions- the choice is yours. I have often used the technique of outsourcing 50% and improving the material with my own research and experiences. 
Case studies and interview with experts are also essential in making the product truly unique.
However, there are some basics you must understand about dealing with ghost-writers to secure your work and end up with a quality experience. 
(a) Deal with only trusted writers from trusted sources 
(b) Ensure your work is protected, free of infringement.
5. Use Bundle Article Method Here is a rather unique technique that I don’t see many people using. Let’s say you decided to launch a niche site about dolls- you create 8-10 core pages of different types of doll and perhaps start by earning incomes using affiliate programs.
You may use free blogging platform like Blogger.com, set up a niche blog there, plan out the next 3-4 weeks blog posting into an organized outline such that you can bundle the posting into an information product. You will find that automatically you have the better part of your own completed e-book within one month with no extra work. 
In every instance, you can turn an idea into your profit producing eBooks, information product and money making blog website at the same time within a matter of days. Now, go through these five strategies and choose the one that is most convenient to you.

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